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The Green Innovator

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Course curriculum

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    Course Format and Curriculum

    • Course Format

    • My Sustainable Living Plan and Creating my Sustainability Movie

    • Biomimicry and Design: Learning from Plants and Animals to Build a Robot

    • Designing the Sustainable City; Designing our Spaces to be Green

    • The Repurposed Toy Design Challenge

    • Sharing our Repurposed Toys; Creating a Sustainable Development Goals Cartoon

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    Bring this Program to your School: I Want to be a Green Innovator and a Climate Action Leader

    • Bring this Program to your School

Do you want to

to become a Green Innovator?

  • Do you enjoy writing and media arts? Use story-telling or create a movie to share more about climate change and climate action.

  • Do you love science and technology? Design your own green robot and learn more about the natural world.

  • Want to learn how to use math in real life? Use math and geometry to design your own sustainable city.

  • Do you love building and creating things? Design your own repurposed toy in our design challenge.

  • Do you love cartoons and games? Create your own cartoon or game to explain the sustainable development goals to your friends and family.

  • Then join us for our LIVE, virtual camp in July. LIVE Zoom sessions from 10:00 am to 11:30 am EST; Afternoon independent activities with the instructor from 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm EST.


Dr. Minna and Imran Allarakhia

Dr. Minna Allarakhia is Faculty at the University and Co-Founder of BioEndeavor. Inc. She is a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Brown University. Imran Allarakhia is the author of the book "Saving My Earth: You Can be a Leader Too" and Co-Founder of BioEndeavor.

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Inspire your child into leadership through climate action and green innovation.