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Dr. Minna Allarakhia

Dr. Minna Allarakhia is a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Brown University. She is the founder of BioEndeavor and the Purposeful Learning school - seeking to inspire students to find their purpose and passion through STEAM for GOOD. For 2 years now, Dr. Minna Allarakhia has been designing a STEAM curriculum that connects to the real world, where STEAM is used by students to find solutions to our community level and global challenges. Students as young as 8 years old have found their voice and developed their critical and creative thinking skills through the BioEndeavor programs. The STEAM Accelerator is an initiative to empower middle and early high school students by sharing with and connecting students to exciting courses, programs, schools, and STEAM careers. Dr. Allarakhia fundamentally believes that students must be engaged as early as grade 6 on planning their high school courses, designing a purposeful, meaningful and cohesive extracurricular portfolio, and learning how to design their post secondary educational pathways. It is more than about "getting into university/college" for Dr. Minna Allarakhia. It is about enabling personal clarity for her students on what success, fulfillment and balance means today, in high school, in undergraduate, graduate school and in life itself. She brings vast experience across the sciences, engineering disciplines, and in the management of technological innovation as Faculty and as an entrepreneur. Dr. Minna Allarakhia has studied at a number of institutions in the U.S. and Canada. Her kind demeanor and deep commitment to all students has been appreciated by the 100s of students each she has taught.


Past Student of Empowering Girls through Social Entrepreneurship

R.M. Postsecondary student

Dr Minna Allarakhia is the best teacher, consultant and mother from BioEndeavor.

The Girls Foundation of Tanzania

Co-founder and Chair

Professor Allarakhia is vibrant, very determined and fiercely intelligent. Coupled with her passion as a teacher, she has the unique ability to articulate concepts in a way that students can relate to.

Cube Zanzibar

On behalf of Cube Zanzibar we extend our gratitude to you for all you did for the girls and us. Thank you for your dedication to girls and communities at large.